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Hold your own Banquet/Raffle Extravaganza for:

 Confidence Learning Center
1620 Mary Fawcett Memorial Drive
East Gull Lake, Mn. 56401
( or use their format for your favorite charity )

The Confidence Learning Center is pleased to offer to your Organization a true
WIN - WIN High Profile promotion by way of a Spring & Fall Extravaganza.

Here's how it works:
CLC (or your Club) will put on a Spring Extravaganza prior to fishing opener.
CLC (or your Club) will put on a Fall Extravaganza prior to the Deer Hunting opener.
CLC (or your Club's charity) will receive all proceeds from the extravaganza raffle.

Your Organization will receive all the proceeds from the sale meal tickets (less the cost of the gift certificate) as well as the proceeds from your bar.

Dinner tickets sell for $100.00, each person buying a dinner ticket will receive a gift certificate from an area sports store in the amount of $100.00, which you will buy for $60 - $70. This leaves $30 - $40 from which you pay for the cost of the meal. The rest is all yours.

Here's the math:
200 tickets @ $100.00 each = $20,000.00
Minus 200 gift certificates @$60.00 each.....200*$60=$12,000.00 from the $20,000.00 leaves you $8,000.00.
200 meals @ $7.50 each = $1,500.00 from the $8,000.00 = $6,500.00 net profit for your organization, plus the proceeds of  about $1,500.00 - $2,00.00 from your bar.

     Social Time
Doors open @ 5:00 pm, raffle tickets now on sale .
Dinner starts at 7:00 pm.
The M.C. hosts during this time.
     Raffle starts @ 8:00 pm. Raffle ticket sales cease.


  1. Supply a room that will seat approximately 200 for dinner.

  2. You MUST sell the total number of dinner tickets available

  3. Find a local youth group to serve the meal.

  4. Supply a minimum of 6 volunteers to set up tables and prizes the morning of the event and arrange the prizes in order of the drawing.

  5. Supply a good sound system.

  6. Supply a good M.C., our representatives will assist your M.C. the first time os he/she gets the feel of the promotion.

  7. Have someone get out posters and arrange local media to help you promote your organization, the event, & CLC.

  8. Supply 6 raffle ticket sellers, these people will also assist with the distribution of the prizes during the drawing.

  9. Supply 4 tumblers for the raffle drawing.

  10. Supply a licensed  person to handle the federal firearms gun check.

  11. Supply 2 people to work at the cashiers table.

  12. Supply kitchen crew to cook the meal for the extravaganza.

  13. We suggest you provide a free meal to all the volunteers working the event.

  14. Handle clean up of the room afterwards.


for Confidence Learning Center:
Contact Ray Ricci
              218-828-2344     Confidence Learning Center
              218-556-7986     Cell Phone
or contact John Tobie or John Batchelder, Aerie #2469...218-326-4845

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